Best New Season Dress Boots - Our Staff Picks

February 4, 2021
Best New Season Dress Boots - Our Staff Picks

There have been some fantastic new releases in dress boots this year, so what better time to update our top dress boots list! Here, we explore some of the tried and true classics, and have a look at what’s new from some of our favourite brands.


R.M. Williams Comfort Craftsman



The cream of the crop. This boot has reached legendary status in Australia and for good reason. The Craftsman series form R.M. Williams is arguably the finest boot produced in Australia, perhaps even the world. Built by 80 pairs of hands using the same winning method since the 1930’s, you will tell you have something special when these boots are on your feet. The Comfort Craftsman takes the legend to a new level with its rubber sole and padded inner, creating the most comfortable and durable boot of the series. Day in – day out wear is no problem at all for the Comfort Craftsman, and with the comprehensive resole and repair services available, the Craftsman has the potential to last decades.


Blundstone 663



This boot is new from Blundstone and exclusive to Australian customers. The 663 is the new update of the original 063 and offers a lot of the same features at a more affordable price. Blundstone have kept the 063’s refined shape with the chisel toe and low-profile sole but added a striking detail with the herringbone patterned elastic in the gusset. The 663 still retains the rugged construction and comfort that you are used to getting from Blundstone, making this boot the ultimate combination of style and practicality that can take you straight from work to Friday night drinks.



Mongrel Riding Boot



The Mongrel Riding boot is without a doubt the best value dress boot in our shop, coming in hot at $159.00. This boot is everything you want in a dress option, its undeniably strong and good looking. Mongrels are well known for their comfortable soles and inner sole, and the riding boot comes with the Orthotec anatomical arch support innersole to cushion the feet. Add to this the fibreglass shank and you have yourself a durable boot that is also unbelievably light. The riding boot is available in black or chocolate brown, and is also fully leather lined, which is normally a feature of boots twice the price. Lastly, its Australian made! You just cannot fault them!



Blundstone 1900



There have been quite a few new styles released from Blundstone and one of the most stylishly clean-cut of the bunch would have to be the 1900. Part of a ranger of finer dress boots for men and women, the 1900 is a real looker. Elegantly tailored with a tapered rounded toe and a lower ankle height, the most alluring feature of the 1900 is the colour. A new kind of chestnut from what we have previously seen from Blundstone, with an earthy, reddish hue that you just know is going to look stunning when they begin to wear in. If legendary Blundstone comfort is what you are need, but dapper polished style is what you desire, check these beauties out today.


Harold Boots Grazier



Harold Boots is still very much an old-fashioned bootmaker. As soon as you pick up a grazier you can feel just how solid this boot is, and the high quality of the leather. The soles are still stitched and screwed in with brass screws, making for the highest quality sole construction possible. These boots look incredibly classy, but with hardened steel shanks and a rubber and laminated cork sole, they are built for hard work. The Grazier is a serious investment boot for someone who values the significance of quality  craftsmanship.