Gotta Love Your Akubra Cattleman Hat

September 5, 2018
Gotta Love Your Akubra Cattleman Hat



Mate … ever seen an Akubra in the making? Talk about dedication. Now I can understand why these hats are just so amazingly wonderful and why everyone – city folk and country folk - rave about them.


Take the Akubra Cattleman hat for example. A true Aussie icon that’s just at home on city streets as it is in a country rodeo. But there’s more to the Akubra than simply being Aussie’s favourite choice of hat. Keep in mind these hats aren’t just mass produced in an off-shore factory. They are hand-crafted right here in Australia with skill and dedication over a period of four months. That’s right. Four Months!





And the Cattleman hat is the epitome of the Akubra legacy. The proportions are part of what makes the hat so popular. The width of the brim at 8.3cm (3.25”) is not too wide to detract from its style, but wide enough to give adequate sun protection. The crown height at 10.5cm (4”) is something Australians have taken to with a passion, opting for this more moderate style rather than the heightened style of the Texan or American cowboy hat.  


What I love about it … well I love everything about it actually … but think about how it feels so light on your head when you are wearing it. Popular even in those parts of Australia where the searing heat literally rises off the ground, because the Akubra Cattleman hat is not only ventilated, it is also unlined. Its natural fibres breathe, provide protection from the sun and let’s face it – just look downright ‘hot’ no matter who’s wearing it.




And what about the little tear-drop crease in the crown of the hat with the pinch in front and the two dimples on each side. Now that’s what the Akubra is all about. It’s just the understated style of the hat that makes it so sought after. It’s not in your face, in fact it’s very much on your head and looking bonza.


Akubra gives you a choice of colours, but it’s the Fawn that really captures the Aussie spirit. However, that’s not to say that we don’t love the Graphite Grey, the light colour Sand, the Black or the Bran – it’s just that the Fawn has taken up number one position as the true Aussie icon.


To top it all off, the kangaroo plaited hat band is another superbly crafted feature that just reinforces the true-blue nature of the Akubra Cattleman. With a UPF rating of 50+ why would you choose anything else.





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