Mozzie Ugg Boot Review

June 11, 2021
Mozzie Ugg Boot Review


Vogue has recently branded Uggs as 'the supermodel shoe of lockdown' as they've been sported as part as streetwear looks in London, New York and LA. These cozy boots have also been spotted on famous supermodels as a staple of their post-lockdown looks from models like Emily Ratajkowski to Joan Smalls.



Legend says that a group of surfing jackeroos working on a West Australian sheep ranch wrapped their legs in pure merino fleece after taking a dip in the chilly surf. They relied on the pure merino wool right next to their skin to increase their body temperature after a dip in the cold water.


I recently got myself a pair of Mozzie Sheepskin Lo in Chestnut just before winter and they’re the only pair of shoes that I have worn every day since. While I do not surf, I did rely on them every day during the winter. Cold or warm, the boots are the perfect at home shoe. Even if I was only travelling between rooms within my house during the lockdown. Now the weather is heating up, I still rely on the boots for those early chilly summer mornings.   



Australian made and made to last 



Mozzie brand boots are made in Australia and made to last. That's because Mozzies are manufactured from top quality wool. The natural Merino wool keeps your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer without sweating due to the natural wicking property of wool.  


My boots are low cut at the back and have a rubber sole which I find adds comfort and cushioning in comparison to other Ugg boots. The double-faced sheep skin means that these shoes wrap around my feet and keep them cosy and snug. These Ugg boots are proud to be Australian owned and made. 



These boots should feel a bit tight to start with 



Ugg boots need to feel almost tight at the beginning. This is because the wool will compress to wear with your own feet. These boots stretch as you wear them, which means that if they are too big the shearling can stretch as you wear them.



If they become too loose, this can cause air to rush into the boot – resulting in cold feet! The Mozzies let your feet breathe, giving you style and comfort wherever you go even if it is only from home to a short walk to get your morning coffee.


These boots are the best present for any age as they come in all different colours and sizes – perfect for any newborn baby to any adult.