Safety Boots for Women

July 20, 2021
Safety Boots for Women




But although men still greatly outnumber women in most skilled trades jobs, the number of female tradie’s has been slowly rising in recent years, which is a good thing not just for women, but for Australia’s economic growth too. With more and more trade ladies joining the workforce, gone are the days where they have to settle for a boot that was made for their male counterparts.


On another hand, more and more working women are seeking the benefits of a quality safety boot. From farm workers, gardeners and wildlife workers who are seeking a bit more protection against the elements to nurses and warehouse workers who are on their feet for hours on end, often lifting and moving heavy objects, they are finding benefit in the new women’s ranges from well-regarded safety boot brands such as Blundstone, Mongrel and Steel Blue.


We stock a range of women’s safety and work boots, so you can pick what will work best for you no matter what your work environment is, and what safety levels you require to get the job done.






Steel Blue




Steel Blue are the front runners when it comes to women’s safety boots. Aside for meeting the highest safety requirements for the Australian trade and mining industries, they have several charity boots including their famous pink boots that have donated over a million dollars to breast cancer charities in Australia.


Their women’s range has been specifically shaped for female feet, with a shorter ankle length and smaller instep to provide greater comfort. Women seem to love Steel Blue boots for their comfort and the moisture wicking technology, and we have started seeing more women pick these boots for a wider range of work applications, such as farmers and nurses. We even had a hairdresser recently swear by them when it comes to long days on her feet cutting hair.





Some have reported that the female specific shape has helped them with back, knee and foot pain. I recently read a review on the Steel Blue site from a lady called Paula who said “Having long but narrow feet, wearing boots designed for men just isn't an option. There aren't too many women's choices around, so when I found these and tried them, I was pleasantly surprised by the feel and fit. Good sturdy construction, quality leather, comfy to wear, nice and simple in the design. In short, perfect.”



Aside from all these comfort features, there’s no shortage when it comes to safety features. All Steel Blue women’s boots feature a 200j steel cap and a TPU outsole that is heat resistant to 130 degrees. Steel Blue Boots are certified to international safety standards.



The Steel Blue women’s range are available in women’s Australian sizes 4 to 11 with half sizes from 5.5 to 10.5












Blundstone recently released the female specific safety models the #892 and the #897, as a women’s alternative to the #997 and #992. Similar in look and functionality, the 897 and 892 features a water resistant upper, a breathable anti-bacterial lining and Blunstone’s famously comfy shock-absorbing Comfort Arch footbed.



Another benefit is they both come with a molded TPU bump cap for extra protection for the 200j steel cap, which can be useful for tilers and plumbers, or any job where kneeling is required on a daily basis. The #892 and #897 have a rubber outsole deigned for slip resistance that is heat rated to 300 degrees, and is oil, acid and fat resistant.







The new Blunstone safety boots have been manufactured specifically to create a boot that can play just as hard as the boys, yet give women optimum fit, comfort, and support. They have the added bonus of subtle purple and baby blue stitching, which gives the boots a cute girly detail that blend in well on the worksite.



The Blundstone #897 and #892 are available in women’s Australian sizes 5-11 with half sizes from 6.5 to 9.5







Hard Yakka




Hard Yakka comes to the table with a women’s specific model in their new and popular 3056 work boot range. If you are looking for something that offers protection but not necessarily looking for a boot, this model takes its inspiration from chunky 90’s skater sneakers. It is also the safety protection you need if you need a slightly wider fitting boot, or like a bit more room to move within the steel toe cap.



With a height of only 5 inches, it is the shortest and possibly lightest women’s safety boot we offer.  As with the Blundstone boots, the girly details are subtle, with pink stitching and branding. The women’s specific shaping is topped with a memory foam insole and added rebound heel pods for ultimate comfort and greater reduction in day-to-day foot fatigue. HY continue the sports shoe inspiration with the EVA midsole, which often features in shoes from the likes of Nike and Adidas.



There is no skipping on the safety features despite their casual appearance. The 3056 boot comes standard with a 200j steel cap, dual density PU/rubber sole that’s oil acid and slip resistant and heat resistant to 300 degrees.



The Hard Yakka 3056 women’s boots are available in women’s Australian sizes 4 - 11












Mongrel claim that their smaller sizes on all their boots have been shaped specifically for women’s feet. This gives them probably the widest range of safety and work boots for women, but unfortunately the smallest size range. Mongrels sizing is in Australian men’s, and they have dedicated sizes 3 to 6 to women. They claim that there is a two-size difference between women’s and men’s sizing, but due to our experience in store, we believe there is a three size difference. This makes the Mongrel women’s sizes limited to Australian women’s size 6 to 9, with no half size options.





On the plus side though, if you are in that size range, there is a huge range of boots to choose from. They are all highly rated for comfort and come with Mongrels patented sole technology to reduce foot fatigue, and their famous Ortho Tech innersoles. All the safety models come with standard 200j steel cap and oil acid and heat resistant soles. Many models have specific moisture wicking technologies, and you can pretty much choose from whatever features you desire, pull on, lace up, zip up, low, medium and high styles. And the cherry on the top of it all is they are made in Australia.



Tough, long wearing, and comfortable, with a huge range to choose from, we recommend you give the Mongrel range a try next time you are trying on work boots.