Slip On vs Lace up

July 25, 2016
Slip On vs Lace up

G'day all,

One of the main questions we're always asked here at Everything Australian is lace-up or slip-on… what is best?
Well, it depends on what your foot is like, what you're using them for, and how lazy you are. Me, I like a slip-on best because when I'm coming in and out from the workshop, the misses makes me take me boots off, and an elastic-sided number is easily the best for that.

But there are other things to consider too, especially if you're using them for work. In fact, on some sites, you are now actually required to wear lace-ups. The old Blundstone or Rossi slip-ons just won't cut it with OH&S anymore and they've put their foot down saying they're not suitable. But, before you stop reading and think "Oh well, I'll get the lace-ups then" some sites are saying the laces are a trip hazard, and they want you to go the other way! So first things first, check with your boss and make sure there’s no regulations you have to adhere to.

If you have a slimmer foot, you might be better off with the laces, but at the other end of the scale, if you've got a big hoof, you might have the other problem and need the laces because it's too much of a squeeze to get into the elastic-sized.

Lace ups are great because they have:


  • Better ankle support
  • You can adjust fit more easily by tightening or loosening laces,
  • In general, people report better overall support so if you have back or feet issues, you might be better off with some laces,
  • Available in different heights, as opposed to the slip-ons which only come to up past the ankle,
  • Can incorporate inner padding in tongue and around ankle for increased cushioning and comfort. Check out these little rippers -- a combo of a safety work boot and a bushwalking boot, so you've got all the protection and comfort you need.
  • More widely accepted on construction sites,
  • Podiatrists seem to favour them. These Redbacks are recommended by leading podiatrists.
  • And with the new introduction of side zips into some safety lace up boots, you get the best of both words. The convenience of an elastic sided boot, but the fit and support of a lace up boot.  Tie 'em up once, zip them up daily. Check these Blundstone safety boots for example. Good quality zip too that'll last you.



People like elastic-sided slip-ons because they are:



  • Super convenient to slide on and off, so no getting in trouble with the misses when you nick inside to grab a tinny and she wants you to take your boots off. Just slip 'em off, easy as.
  • Leather moulds well to the shape of your foot,
  • They're more waterproof as there’s less stitching and no tongue where water can seep through,
  • No ants can get in either, or any other creepy crawlies for that matter. Slip-ons are great for outdoor work.
  • They've got that classic Aussie look,
  • They're generally a bit cheaper,
  • You can adjust the fit by adding some innersoles,
  • And, they just look good, I reckon. Like these Rossi's. Nice, clean silhouette.


Of course, it's horses for courses too. I have a great mate Bozz who loves his lace-ups and wouldn't wear anything else. When I suggested the slip-ons were easier to get on and off, he disagreed vehemently. He reckons that after a hard day, getting his boots to slip off over his big sweaty feet is far too much trouble, and he'd much rather just loosen his laces.
Dunno, up to you, there's a lot to consider, but we're always here to talk to so just give us a bell or send us a line if you're still up in the air.

And look, if you get them on and you're not happy, just let us know and we'll sort you out no probs. We always look after our customers like family here at Everything Australian. We really do! We take our customer service very seriously and we want to make you happy. Don't be fooled by our great prices, the service here is second to none. 

Anyway, enough of that palaver for now, I'll see you all next week - hooroo!

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