Product Review: Steel Blue Southern Cross

June 26, 2019
Product Review: Steel Blue Southern Cross



Steel Blue is the latest safety boot brand to hit our shelves, and they have a great range of top-quality boots that are well loved amongst tradesmen. Steel Blue strives to be at the forefront of boot innovation technology so that wearers can benefit from maximum comfort and safety. They must be doing a great job of achieving these goals, as they are the only safety boot endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association.


Steel Blue firmly stands behind the comfort and quality of their boots and they prove this by giving customers a 30-day, 100% comfort guarantee. That’s how confident they are that when you wear Steel Blue, you will experience the feeling of a lightweight work boot that is flexible in the sole, while reducing shock forces to your feet, knees, hips and lower back. Which means less stress related injuries on the job.



Steel Blue Southern Cross Mens


Southern Cross Mens in Black and Sand



A popular boot from the Steel Blue family is the Southern Cross, this ankle high style boot comes in several different styles and colours and is available in both men’s and women’s fit. The Southern Cross has many features that make it great boot for workers in many industries, from construction to mining.


The low-cut, scalloped collar at the back of the boot is just one of the features that makes the Southern Cross so comfy. Even though the boot is a high, seven-point lace up design which gives excellent ankle support, the lower cut back allows the boot to remain comfortable, eliminating the collar uncomfortably digging into the calf if you spend time at work sitting down or driving.


The Ortho-Rebound footbed inside the boot is designed to not flatten or compress with prolonged wear. The footbed is also antifungal, while the top cover is made from a breathable, high moisture wicking material, fighting against sweaty feet and stinky boots!


Another great feature is the large industrial zipper, which is less likely to get mud clogged like its regular zip counterparts. However, we must mention that proper zip care can go a long way to prolonging the life of any boot zip. A zip should always freely move up and down, if it doesn’t, don’t force it! If the zip is clogged with grit or dirt use regular soap and a wet, soft bristled brush. Do not ever clean your zip with solvent.



Southern Cross Mens Wheat and Womens Pink

I wore the Southern Cross men's in wheat and women's in pink to find out the difference



Now, about that men’s and women’s fit. Is there a difference? I decided to find out. Steel Blue says the specifically designed women’s boots have a shorter ankle length and a smaller instep. But does this really make any difference to the comfort of the boot for women? I decided to wear the Pink Southern Cross Ladies on one foot and the Southern Cross Men’s on the other foot today to find out.


I have to say that right from the beginning the women’s boot felt completely different on my feet. My entire foot felt cushioned from all sides, and there was a very nice supportive feeling around the back of my heel that was missing on the men’s boot.  The men’s version felt a little flatter on the sole which made it a less soft boot for me, however the male staff here at EA found the men’s boot very comfortable. I would say one hundred percent that the women’s fit boot would be more comfortable for (most) female feet.



Southern Cross Ladies Zip Scuff Wheat


The Southern Cross Zip Scuff Ladies in Wheat



The pink boots are undeniably gorgeous, and Steel Blue give $10 from every sale to breast cancer charities, which is fantastic. Pink is not the only colour option available for ladies, however. We also offer a women’s fit in the Southern Cross Zip Scuff in wheat, which is a great option for tradie ladies, especially if extra scuff protection is needed. Men’s Southern Cross boots are available from Everything Australian in wheat, sand and black.


We recommend giving the Southern Cross a try next time you’re in the market for a new safety boot.



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