The Best Safety Boots For 2021

January 15, 2021
The Best Safety Boots For 2021

At Everything Australian, we have been fitting Aussie feet in safety boots for quite a few years, so we know a thing or two when it comes to choosing the right boot. With so many choices on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is going to meet your requirements on the job, and which boot is going to be the most comfortable for you.



Have no fear! We have put together this convenient list of the best boots available this year to make selecting the right boot a little easier.



Firstly, how do you know when to get a new pair of boots? Here’s a few signs that your current boots are ready for retirement:


    • Safety boots come with several protective components built inside the shoe. But that’s where they are meant to stay, on the inside! If you see a reinforced toe, steel shank or metatarsal guard rearing its head through the outside of the boot, it’s time to look for some new boots.
    • If the toe is dented it will threaten the structural integrity of the steel cap. A dented toe means its time to chuck them in.
    • Just like with the tyres on your truck, if the tread is gone, your boots will no longer be slip resistant. Your safety boots are no longer safe!
    • If your boots are coming apart at the seams or are leaking it’s pretty obvious, they’re no longer protecting your foot. Time to get a new pair



Next, check with your employer for any safety specific requirements that you might need, such as height specs and toe guard requirements. There are specific protection options for risks like Electrical shock hazards or exposure to heat or welding spray could mean you need a high heat resistant boot. Working on uneven ground could mean you need extra support in the ankle.



Lastly, think about your feet. You’re going to need to be wearing your work boots for extended periods of time. If you have a wide or narrow foot, wearing a boot that doesn’t fit comfortably is going to get very sore over time. If you have a high foot arc,h look for a boot to accommodate this or perhaps opt for a specialised innersole. If you have trouble with foot perspiration you need to be looking for a boot lined with a moisture wicking material. If you have ankle troubles a higher lace up option may be what you need to get a little extra support.



Little things can make or break your feet after a long hot day. Here’s a look at our top ranking Safety Boot styles for 2021:






Steel Blue Southern Cross Wheat



The Southern Cross is an extremely popular is an extremely popular safety boot with all kinds of workers where safety is paramount. From outback miners to Melbourne construction workers, everyone loves their Steel Blue boots. With a higher top for extra ankle support, the Southern Cross has styles dedicated to fitting women, and are available in a wide range of colours, including pink and blue boots that donate percentage of sales to various charities. One of the sturdiest boots on the market, these boots are tested to extremely high standards and are heat, oil and slip resistant.





Mongrel 561060 High Zip Vibram Rubber Stone



Mongrel is a new brand to our warehouse this year, but their reputation well and truly precedes them. Made by Australian manufacturer Victor footwear, the 561060 is fast becoming one of our most popular boots. This boot is fitted with a high quality Vibram sole, made from vulcanised rubber often referred to as “tank tread”, these soles have been a staple of high-quality mountaineering boots for almost 80 years. Recently they have been turning up in the work boot industry, and when paired with Mongrels anatomical arch support innersole, produce an extremely comfortable, safe and long lasting boot.





Redback Bobcat USBOK



This boot is the Aussie made classic that everyone loves. It has been our top seller for years, and there is a reason why. Redback’s famous ‘all terrain’ sole is so comfortable; it has gained a worldwide following. Redbacks are recommended by leading podiatrists to anyone who experiences sore feet, ankles, and knees. The secret is the shock absorbing air bubbles that have been injected into every sole that support weight and provide excellent rebound. Add to this all of the high-quality industry standards expected in Australia, and the ease of a pull on, elastic sided boot, its not hard to see why the USBOK is such a little ripper.





Hard Yakka 3056 Series Lace Zip Boot



Hard Yakka have taken style inspiration from old school skate sneakers with the new 3056 series safety boots. A popular feature of these boots is the wider profile steel toe cap, that gives extra space to those who need it most. The sports shoe theme continues with the addition of the EVA midsole, constructed from a high-quality foam that creates support and rebound, the EVA midsole is used by most leading sports shoe brands like Adidas and Nike. With the addition of memory foam insoles and energy rebound heel pads it is clear these boots tick the boxes for comfort and performance as well as style.





Blundstone 990 Safety Boot Black





Supremely comfortable from the very first time you wear it, the Blundy 990 has a removable cushioned innersole with extra arch support that is also anti-bacterial, breathable, and washable. Great news if you have sweaty tootsies. Another classic pull on style, this tough but stylish little ripper has an extra strong toe cap to protect the leather. As with the Rossi Trojan, a single piece of leather across the top will mould to your foot over time making this boot comfortable and durable. Slip and heat resistant, this excellent all-round boot may just be the one you need.



Here’s a few honourable mentions for your consideration:


Mongrel 240060 Premuim Elastic Sided

Mongrel 251050 High Zipsider

Steel Blue Parkes

Redback Cobar

Blundstone 992