Top 5 Dress Boots

June 21, 2018
Top 5 Dress Boots

Made for any Aussie way of walking. We stock a huge range of women and men’s Australian boots for every occasion. Hiking boots, safety boots, everyday boots and ‘strut your stuff’ dress boots; and they’re all top value.  


Kick off your day with this boots-and-all breakdown of my five favourite Australian dress boots for 2018. These Iconic brands are well known for top quality, comfort and craftsmanship. Excellent value and they look top-notch to boot.  



1. RM Williams Comfort Craftsman




The name says it all. RM Williams Craftsman is so iconic they’re not only one of Australia’s most loved boots, they’re known world-wide.


These beauties are 100% hand crafted in Australia using traditional manufacturing methods and the highest quality yearling leather. These boots mould to your feet over time for a fit so perfect it’s like they were made for you.


With a classic chiselled toe and flat heel, they’re formal enough to pair with a suit; but look just as sharp with jeans.


Hands-down the most comfortable dress boots I’ve ever owned. They feature the comfort sole, which is ideal for everyday wear, comfort innersoles and a rubber outer sole. Definitely more comfortable than the traditional leather sole craftsman boots.


This premium leather is made to last. Almost a lifetime in fact, if well looked after. RM Williams offer a re-sole service and other maintenance work when they start wearing down. Bag yourself a pair of dress boots for life.


These boots are now only available in-store, at our Moorabbin location. 


2. Blundstone 063 Boot Black 



Blundstone are more widely known for creating tough as nails work boots; but in recent times they’ve expanded their range to include more casual and dress boot styles. And aren’t we glad they did!


This boot is one of the best value dress boots in ourrange at just over $100. Considering that bargain price, the leather quality is reasonably impressive. They’re not s stitch down boot; but will hold up nicely for several years if well maintained.


Featuring a V-cut leather at the front and a square toe style, they’re versatile and suited to anything from semi-formal events to cool casual wear, and everything in between. You won’t mind putting them to work either. When they age, they make great ‘old faithfuls’ for jobs around the house, garden or paddock. Available in matt black or brown to suit your style.



3. Harold Gardener Boots 



Harold Boots are a better kept secret than the others; but they’re an Authentic Australian brand who have been hand crafting quality dress boots for 500 years!


The Gardener Brumby are built with one-piece of quality 2.4mm Aussie bull hide leather, and a poron-padded footbed for extra comfort. They even boast a double weave, rubber covered water-resistant elastic.


These unsung hero’s present a really unique look, with a classy bull-hide leather upper and a leather flap that straps over the side elastic. The brumby colour and distressed leather with a waxy finish is something a little different, and allows for these boots to be dressed up to the nines, or down with the times. You’ll want to wear them everywhere.


They’re a bit heavier than the other boots listed here; but are a seriously comfortable option with a rubber sole and heel, and moulded mid-sole. Packed with features perfect for the foot.




4. RM Williams Comfort All Rounder 



This jack-of-all-trades is the same boot as the Comfort Craftsman list at #1; aside from 3 differences:


    • The all rounder are a grade down in leather quality – which is still great leather.
    • They are unlined. The inside of the boots just show the raw leather
    • They’re significantly lower in price



 Constructed of quality oiled kip leather, the more you wear these boots, the better they mould to your feet. This timeless and classic look can be shown off at any fancy soiree, or just kicking back casually on the weekend.


Please note this style has now been discontinued.



5. Mongrel 805070 Riding Boot (Also available in Black, Mongrel 805025 Riding Boot



Mongrel is one of the newer brands to grace our shelves but their classic Riding Boot is quickly becoming a red hot seller. Our customers say this boot looks so good and is so comfortable they can hardly believe the low price.


Originally designed for riding, these boots feature an ultra-strong yet light fibreglass shank in the middle of the boot. This gives the rider strength  in the stirrup where it needed most, but to the everyday wearer it means long lasting durability.


Available in Black and Brown, the refined look of this boot can be dressed up or down and will be just as complimentary on the streets as it is in the saddle.


This boot has all the features of a $300 plus price tag; but here they can be yours for under $200! Great quality and great value, you can’t go wrong.