Women in Construction: Workwear for the Aussie Tradie

May 15, 2024
Women in Construction: Workwear for the Aussie Tradie

Construction is like the beating heart of Australia's economy, but it's had a bit of a "boys' club" vibe for too long. Picture this: only 12% of the workforce are women, and a measly 2% of them are getting their hands dirty on-site. But hey, the tide's turning! In recent years, more and more women are stepping up and showing what they're made of. There's a real buzz about creating a more inclusive and fair industry, because let's face it, we need all the talent we can get to keep building Australia up.


Women's Workwear


A Multi-Faceted Challenge


So, what's the deal with women in construction? It's not just about breaking the stereotype of it being a "man's world" or tackling the usual issues we hear about. There's a deeper layer here that often gets overlooked. Women deal with safety concerns that are specific to their gender every single day. Why? Because the gear they're given just doesn't fit right. Construction PPE and workwear have always been made with guys in mind, leaving women with a less-than-ideal fit and putting their safety at risk.


Women's Workwear


Our Commitment to Empowering Women in Construction


At Everything Australian, where we're shaking things up in the construction industry workwear scene. We're on a mission to bring top-notch, women's workwear to the forefront. Because let's face it, women in construction deserve gear that not only fits right but looks good too.


We're all about ensuring that women don't have to compromise on safety, performance, or style while they're out there building the future of our country.


That's why we've curated a fantastic range of women's work clothes and footwear. From comfy yet durable work shirts to functional pants and overalls (with real pockets, because who needs those fake ones?), and cozy jumpers and jackets, we've got you covered. And let's not forget about hi-vis gear - we've got modern women's fit reflective pants and taped jackets to keep you visible and safe on the job.


So, let's break stereotypes and conquer any working environment together!


Women's Workwear


Women’s Clothing for Work in Australian Conditions


While nailing the perfect fit for your workwear is key for both safety and style, don't forget about the unique challenges of working in the Aussie climate. It's all about gearing up to face the diverse and harsh conditions Down Under. That's why we've handpicked our collection from trusted Aussie brands like SUK Workwear, Hard Yakka, KingGee, and Ringers Western. These brands are renowned for their cutting-edge, practical workwear designs. Whether you're braving the scorching summer heat, tackling dust storms in the Outback, or enduring rainy days, our range has got your back, front, and everything in between.


Women's Workwear


A Step Towards a More Inclusive Feature in Construction


Offering well-fitting workwear for women isn't the ultimate fix, but it's a vital stride toward a more robust, inclusive construction industry. It's not just about looks; it's about ensuring everyone's safety on the job site. When women have workwear that fits snugly and supports their every move, they can tackle their tasks with confidence and efficiency.


We're optimistic that as the conversation around workwear continues to evolve to accommodate all genders, we can start shifting our focus to attracting, retaining, and empowering women in construction. Dive into our complete range of thoughtfully designed workwear at Everything Australian, tailored for all hardworking Aussies.