Workwear To Beat The Summer Heat - We Compare Top Brands

September 14, 2021
Workwear To Beat The Summer Heat - We Compare Top Brands



Work sites in summer in Australia come with their own set of safety requirements. Working outside means working in beating sunshine and scorching temperatures. Apart from the risk of sunburn and dehydration, workers are ofter exposed to conditions that can cause a whole range of heat related health problems, from fainting to heat stroke. Even something relatively minor like heat rash can become a major discomfort in the relentless long hot Australian summer.


The unique heat conditions have forced Workwear brands to continuously develop new fabric and garment technologies to combat the summer sun and make a safer working environment for Australian workers. The biggest brands in Australia all have innovative summer ranges to help keep you cooler and more protected from heat stresses like rashes, creating more overall comfort for the wearer. Here we explore the key ranges from our top brands so you can feel confident choosing the right summer workwear for you.






Bisley have two ranges to suit your needs when it comes to summer workwear. The cool  light weight range provides a range of shirts, shorts and pants in a lighter, 190gsm cotton. Most pants and shorts in the cool light weight range have small discreet eyelet vents at the crotch area, and the shirts have two small mesh vents discreetly hidden in the upper back panel, as well as mesh panels in the underarms.


The X Airflow range steps the ventilation up a notch with an innovative range that has many ventilation systems cleverly hidden inside the design of the garment. Aside from the expertly concealed crotch ventilation in pants and shorts, theres a rear yoke ventilation to keep the lower back cool. X Airflow shirts have armpit mesh ventilation, as well as several vents added to the back and sides of the shirt, all expertly constructed to be hidden within the design of the shirt. 


All Bisley summer ranges have the added benefits of a high UPF factor rating of 50, as well as treated with Bioscience Fresche, which is an organic microbial treatment applied to the garment. Fresche is a highly effective, long term control and protection against the growth of bacteria and fungus within the garment which causes stubborn odours and stains.


Pictured Left to Right: BS6414 X Airflow Ripstop Long Sleeve Shirt, BPC6476 X Airflow Ripstop Stove Pipe Cargo Pants, BS1414 X Airflow Ripstop Short Sleeve ShirtBSH 1474 X Airflow Ripstop Vented Shorts


Shop the full Bisley range here.







Kinggee’s Workcool range has been very popular for some time now with tradies and other outdoor workers seeking cooler workwear for summer. Over time, the range and innovations has evolved, but they have had the good sense to keep the popular classics their customers know and love.


The first design in the range was the Workcool 1 pants which are a classic old school type of work pant, but with sneaky added ventilation eyelets in the crotch area where they are needed most to reduce heat stress. The Workcool 2 collection features an updated look to a more modern cut, and has a welcome added extra ventilation system added to the back of the knee.


Workcool 2 shirt range has ventilation added to the back yoke and sides for the shirt as well at the underarm. The Workcool range is made from ultra strong yet light 145gsm Ripstop Cotton, and has a UPF factor of 50.  Available in a range of colours and fashionable cuts, the Kinggee Workcool range is definitely worth trying to find out why so many tradies love this brand, both in Australia and internationally.


Pictured Left to Right: K14825 Workcool 2 Short Sleeve Shirt, K13026 Workcool Pro Pants, K54870 Workcool 2 Spliced Long Sleeve Shirt, K17006 Workcool Pro Shorts


Shop the full KingGee range here.






Like Kinggee, Hard Yakka has been part of the landscape here in Australia since the 1930’s. Over that time they have grown as we have, and have incorporated some very welcome garment technologies while maintaining their status as an icon Aussie brand. Hard Yakka comes to the party with their own range of summer workwear called Koolgear. Like Bisley and Kinggee, the Koolgear range has a wide selection of shirts, shorts and pants to choose from that have been engineered to significantly reduce heat stress and provide safe and comfortable workwear for Australian summer conditions.


Hard Yakka’s Koolgear shorts go the extra mile with an extra added rear yoke vent as well as the standard mesh crotch vent. The Koolgear long sleeve and short sleeve shirts have extra ventilation at the underarm, and discreetly disguised in the back panels of the shirt and down the side body. Koolgear pants offer the most vents of all, with the rear yoke, crotch and the back of the knee all with added ventilation for the maximum comfort level possible.’


Koolgear workwear is made from lightweight 145gsm cotton drill and has the standard high UPF factor of 50 for ultimate safety against the sun. The strong and durable 100% polyester mesh used for the ventilation in all garments has been treated with an anti-microbial finish agent that inhibits the growth of odour causing bacteria, giving you extra peace of mind during the sweaty months. One thing is for sure, the Hard Yakka Koolgear range is pulling out all the stops to make sure they stay your go-to workwear this summer.


Pictured from Left to Right: Y07730 Koolgear Ventilated Long Sleeve High Vis Shirt, Y02300 Koolgear Ventilated Cargo Pant, Y05140 Koolgear Ventilated Cargo Short, Y07715 Koolgear Ventilated Short Sleeve Shirt


Shop the full Hard Yakka range here.