For warmer weather, we have a collection of cargo work shorts that combines comfort with style and durable, quality materials. We know how important it is that your shorts can be worn wherever – weekend or weekday. We have utility shorts in cargo, drill, and stretch that are great for outdoor activities like gardening to being on the worksite. From reputable Australian brands like Hard Yakka, KingGee and Bisley, we have a wide variety of work shorts for the hot summer. These shorts are like tool belts that you can wear.

We know how important it is to keep cool and comfortable in summer. When you’re looking for a good pair of shorts, you need to think about how well they will allow your body to move and feel at ease, especially on a tough worksite. For versatile cargo shorts that boast reduced tearing technology, we have the iconic Hard Yakka Legends shorts that are made from high-quality materials. Our shorts are reinforced in all the right areas in high wear zones. The Bisley Airflow Ripstop Vented Work Shorts are designed with patented X Airflow technology that provides industry-standard ventilation. Keeping cool on hot work sites, these shorts can keep you cooler for longer on extremely hot days. If you are looking for something that combines tough tradie gear with modern casual wear, the KingGee Narrow fitting Tradie shorts are perfect for taking to the pub. The popular KingGee Workcool Pro Shorts are made for comfort and allow for freedom of movement. Made from Drill cotton, Hard Yakka’s wide selection of drill shorts are versatile and comfortable for any tradie. This classic style and fit are both durable and comfortable. These shorts promise to work as hard as you do. If you’re looking for a bit more flexibility in your work shorts, Bisley Flex and Move Stretch shorts allow easy movement, making them ideal for an active lifestyle whether it be on the worksite or on the weekend.

When you’re onsite for long days, you want tradie wear that lets you be the most efficient. If you’ve picked your workwear right, it won’t just be a uniform. These shorts can be used for multiple purposes in your life. During the week, they can be a star onsite but, on the weekend, it might be hiking with your mates or finding a new spot to fish. We know how important it is that your gear works in different situations in your life. Your gear should work for you in work life and in real life.

We know that you will use these shorts a lot, so you need them to be practical and comfortable. We are here to help you to make sure you get the cargo shorts you need, no matter where and how you plan to use them. Give us a call or come and visit us if you have any questions about our range.

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