Country style hats feature medium-large brims widths, mid high crowns and are available in a variety of shapes. The Australian country style hat, sometimes called the outback hat, is probably the most iconic piece of Australian clothing of all time. The country hat has become synonymous with Australia thanks to movies such as ‘The man from Snowy River’, The silhouette of a country hat will almost certainly be seen in any representation of Australia in film or television.

The country hat was born out of necessity, much like the original settlers of the American west, the early Australian settlers needed a hat that was more robust than the average. With such hot and sunny conditions in the land down-under, the hat became essential to surviving the harsh conditions of the Australian outback.

The country hat has stood the test of time for the very same reason. Every Australian knows that to live here you’re going to need a very good hat.  And there’s no better hat to do the job than the hats from Akubra. That’s because they have been making hats for Australians for over 100 years. Featuring Akubra’s iconic style, these hats are suitable for both men and women and can be seen everywhere from the city to the great Australian outback. 

Akubra’s fine felt hats have protected literally generations of Australians. They are a family owned company that has become part of Australia’s identity. Akubra has made hats for Soldiers, Olympians and Politicians, as well as millions of everyday Australians.

Another material commonly used in country style hats is Kangaroo leather. This is because of its durability while still maintaining softness and flexibility. Jacaru, another Australian family owned business, have been manufacturing high-quality Kangaroo leather hats on the Gold Coast since 1969.

So how do you recognise an Australian country hat? Country hats usually feature a teardrop or round shaped crown which is only about 4" high, and the brim usually 3" to 4" wide. The brim is usually dipped down at the front and back. This is the shape to look for when choosing a true-blue Australian hat.

The most popular country hat is the Akubra Cattleman, this timeless hat suita everybody. Other popular styles include the Riverina, Territory and Cobber Pedy, but explore our wide range of country styles below.

All hats included here are 100% Australian made.

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