KingGee have been part of the Australian worker’s wardrobe since 1926. Originally just making overalls, KingGee has grown and changed with the needs of its customers, and now KingGee’s workwear is engineered to provide durable and practical clothing that’s cool and comfortable. King Gee prides themselves on pushing the boundaries of apparel advancement to new heights with cutting edge developments in industrial wear such as the Workcool and Tradies Utility ranges.

Robert Adcock created the first pair of the brands now iconic overalls in a tiny rented flat in Sydney, where he laid thegroundwork for what became the huge range of quality items KingGee is known for today. The extensive range now includes work pants, shorts, shirts, jumpers, jackets, coveralls and polos, available for both men and women. KingGee quickly became known for its high quality and expert craftsmanship.

KingGee apparel has become woven into Australia’s history. During the depression and the second world war King Gee supplied uniforms to the defence services, in recent years they make uniforms for events such as the Invictus games.

KingGee has always been at the forefront of garment making technologies. Their Red Label Drill, made in the 1960’s, quickly set the standard for Drill materials in Australia. Later, they were one of the first companies to use computer pattern cutting.

KingGee continued to evolve and created the ‘For A Nation At Work’ campaign in the 90’s, which saw the ‘Permanent Press’ range expand with their ever-growing catalogue. Today this range is better known as ‘Smart Casuals’.

In 1970, the iconic ‘If They Were Any Tougher, They’d Rust’ slogan became synonymous with KingGee. Their premium products are engineered to ensure comfort, durability and functionality enabling you to work and play at your best in all conditions.

KingGee has come a long way since their first overall. One thing has never changed – their pride and care is still seen today in their products. Today, their passion and expertise are second to none and there are more exciting garment innovations on the horizon.

Explore the range at Everything Australian.

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