Christmas Gift Ideas

November 7, 2016
Christmas Gift Ideas



Well bugger me, hasn't the year disappeared? It's almost that time again to gather the family around for some Christmas tucker and to give them something special in the stocking.


Best thing about Christmas these days is you don’t have to battle the crowds at the local shopping centre, going in circles and gradually losing the will to live. You can make yourself a cuppa right now, sit down with the lappy and get most of it out of the way without even leaving the couch. 


But what to get? Here’s our handy dandy guide to all gifts Aussie and good this Christmas. 



For Him

He is always the bugger, isn’t he? Blokes are traditionally hard to buy for, but not if you’re looking ‘round Everything Australian. We’ve got lots of things blokes covet, from hats to boots to quality workwear and outdoor gear, we are the man cave of all things that blokes want.




Leather Belt Genuine Australian Bushwear


Here’s a thought - get him a belt. We’ve got our own Aussie made one here, it’s high quality product that he will appreciate for years to come. A nice thick 3mm, bevelled with a painted edge and riveted for strength, in a very classic elegant style. 





Friction Free Socks Rossi Boots



These are great — Rossi boot socks. They’re friction-free which and are a clever combination of cotton for breathability, and nylon at the friction points which means no blisters. If your man is on his feet all day or love a bit of a walkabout, he’s going to love these socks. The best bit is, they’re great value!





Balmoral Hat Akubra 



Or what about an Akubra? The “Balmoral" is a lighter summer model that he’ll never take off once he’s got it on his noggin. So comfortable, it’s the perfect thing to keep that harsh Aussie sunlight out of your eyes while looking very dapper. 




For Her



Avalon Hat Akubra 



If your lovely lady is a city girl who secretly fancies herself as a bit of a McLeod’s Daughter, she squeal with delight if you get her this new hat from Akubra called the “Avalon.” It’s got all the charm of the classic Akubra, but city chic stylings for urban living. Looks amazing with jeans or dresses, it’s made by Akubra so it’s quality plus, but more importantly, the little girl inside of her who always wanted a horse will get to dress up like a jillaroo every day. 



Sheepskin Lo Boots Mozzie

For the comfort girl, these merino lined boots will have her ooing and ahing as she slips them on. All Australian made from the finest merino wool, the sweat is naturally wiked away by the wool, leaving your feet feeling comfortable and oh so warm. Double faced sheepskin means they’re going to be just as comfortable for years to come. 




For The Kids


Tempo 30 Daypack Black Wolf 



As the kids get into their teenage years, they need a good backpack for all sorts of adventures. School camps, hiking trips, overnight camping trips, holidays and sleepovers. This pack covers all that and more. Packed with amazing features, it even has a waterproof section for their device so they can listen to your tunes no matter what the weather — all very important for a teenager!



Blundstone 530 Kids Boots Blundstone


Can you think of anything more adorable than a little pair of Blunnies on his or her feet? And it’s not just cute, it’s practical too, made by the same brand that you know and trust, these are just smaller Blundstones for kids — all the same features, and the same top quality materials and workmanship. 



There's this and plenty more on our website. Take a look around and don't hesitate to ask us anything -- we pride ourselves on our wonderful service and technical advice!


Happy shopping and hooroo for now.