Everything Australian is your go to store for work, country and outdoors gear. Sam started out the business at the Queen Victoria Market selling Drizabone oilskin jackets, and now twenty-five years later still sells the traditional jackets alongside his own range of oilskins and outdoor gear, Genuine Australian Bushwear.


An oilskin is a unique material originally used for a stockman jacket, a long riding jacket with a distinctive shoulder cape. Designed to keep you warm and dry during cold southern Australian winters. Genuine Australian Bushwear jackets are made right here in Melbourne and include a wide range of outdoor jackets including the traditional long riding coat along with a short coat version and two vests, one lined with cotton and the other lined with wool.


Genuine Australian Bushwear also make a range of Japara’s, which are an outdoor jacket similar in style to the stockman jacket with the shoulder cape but made from lightweight waterproof materials. Japara’s are the perfect adventure coat, light to pack and loose enough to cover a sweater.  Finishing off the GAB range is the navy check bush shirt, an oversized and super warm shirt made from seventy percent wool, perfect for camping or outdoor work in winter.


We also stock some of Australia’s biggest names in workwear, Hard Yakka, King Gee and recently we added Bisley to our selection of quality brands. Hard Yakka was born in just a small house in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick. The owners decided to call their brand ‘Yakka’ derived from the Aboriginal word for ‘work’, and now ninety years later, Hard Yakka is recognised as the biggest work wear brand in the country and one of the largest clothing suppliers in Australia.


King Gee have been around just as long. Originally making just overalls in Sydney in 1926, King Gee quickly became an integral part of the working Australian’s wardrobe. In 1970, the iconic ‘If They Were Any Tougher, They’d Rust’ slogan became synonymous with King Gee. Their premium products are highly engineered to ensure comfort, durability and functionality, enabling you to work and play at your best in all conditions.


Bisley is a market leader in work wear is considered one of Australia’s most trusted and reliable brands. Bisley produce a quality range of work wear, safety apparel and protective wear for Australian working conditions at a reasonable price. Innovations in clothing technology is just one of the reasons why Bisley is one of Australia’s fastest growing work wear brands. Inspired by the Australian worker, their clothing provides the ultimate in style and safety, without compromising form and functionality. One thing is for sure, Bisley makes quality workwear for the big jobs.


R.M. Williams is one of the most iconic labels in Australia. Founded in 1932 and originally making leather boots and saddles, R.M. Williams has grown exponentially over the last 90 years to include a full range of clothing and footwear for both men and women. R.M. Williams is known worldwide for their classic country clothing always styled with a refined, modern edge. R.M. Williams is a brand loved by country and urban Australians alike, easily recognisable by the now iconic longhorn logo.


The new kid on the block here at EA is Ringers Western. Born on a Northern Territory station this bright and cheeky brand has become the new favorite amongst rural Australians, who have been taking to social media to support the brand they love. The creators of Ringers Western wanted a work shirt that wouldn’t rip no matter what it was put through, and as a result they have created a work shirt that’s soft, comfortable and lightweight, as well as being incredibly strong. Ringers Western work shirts are available in a wide range of bright and cheerful colours to match the personalities of the Australians that wear them.




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