Safety Boots

We are your one stop shop for safety boots, stocking a wide range of Australia’s favourite styles for both men and women in slip on, lace up and side zip varieties. These are boots you can depend on to help you get the job done, providing your feet with comfortable support and protection with steel capped toes. All of our boots meet Australian & New Zealand safety standards, so you can shop with confidence knowing your feet will be well looked after on the work site.

Always check with your employer for any safety specific requirements that you might need such as height specs and toe guard requirements. There are specific protection options for risks like Electrical shock hazards or exposure to heat or welding spray could mean you need a high heat resistant boot. Working on uneven ground could mean you need extra support in the ankle, which is best provided by a lace up boot.


Classic Safety Boots

The classic Aussie boot has to be the elastic sided work boot. There are many styles available to suit your needs across popular styles like Mongrel, Redback, Rossi and Blundstone. For a general all purpose elastic sided be sure to check out the Aussie made Redback USBOK, the safety version of their most popular boot. Other popular Australian made elastic sided boots include the tough and good looking Rossi Trojan 700 and the Mongrel 240090 with special comfort sole technology. The rugged Blundstone 990 is also a popular choice with tradies, due to its extra thick and comfortable innersole.

Growing in popularity in recent years are zip sided lace up boots, which give you the support of a lace up boot, with the ease of access of an elastic boot. Popular styles include the surprisingly lightweight Blundstone 992, the high technology Steel Blue Southern Cross, The original Mongrel Zipsider and the super comfortable Redback Cobar range. We have also recently started stocking the Hard Yakka 3056 range of zip side boots, which have a lower cut top making them comfortable for those who find boots tend to cut into the back of the calf, as well a fashionable skateboard sneaker style look in a unique colour range.


Safety Boots For Men & Women

With the growing number of women joining the trades, also growing is the the demand for dedicated women's safety boots, with many styles now available across our stocked brands. Blundstone has produced a womens version of their bestselling 992, the 897 with fashionable purple stitching against black and the wheat colour and baby blue 892. The Hard Yakka 3056 sneaker has its own dedicated womens style and all Mongrel sizes 3-6 (Australian womens sizes 5-8) are graded specifically for ladies feet. Perhaps the most popular and certainly eye-catching of the lot are the Steel Blue Southern Cross womens range. Their hot pink Southern Cross boot donates sales percentages to breast cancer charities across WA, but we also stock the same boot in slightly more understated wheat colour.

Whatever boot you need for whatever type of work you do, we will have the right boot for you. We have been selling safety boots for donkeys years, so if you have any questions or queries about which is the right boot for you, do not hesitate to call us, we are more than happy to help.

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  3. Steel Blue Parkes Zip Safety Boot Scuff Black
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  4.  Steel Blue Parkes Zip Safety Boot Scuff Wheat
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  16. Steel Blue Argyle Safety Zip scuff Wheat side front
    AUD $205.00
    Available in 3 colours
  17. Steel Blue Argyle Safety Zip scuff Black side
    AUD $205.00
    Available in 3 colours
  18. Steel Blue Argyle Safety Zip scuff Sand side zip
    AUD $205.00
    Available in 3 colours
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