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Our selection of leather hats pay homage to the Aussie outback and rural Australia. Leather hats are for those people that love the outdoors and spend their weekends having adventures in the outback. These hats are your best companion, whether you’re playing a quick nine holes or fishing in a secret spot. Leather hats are durable, lightweight, and comfortable, perfect to take you on holiday. These hats age well, like a fine wine - even though it’s better suited to a tinnie.

We stock hats by Jacaru that are made from kangaroo leather, which is soft, flexible, and lightweight. The Jacaru Kangaroo Hat promises to be as tough as you are. Kangaroos have a unique collagen fibre in their hide, being fine and concentrated while being stretchy due to elastane in the skin. Kangaroo leather is one of the strongest types of leather, while being very supple. The kangaroo industry in Australia is regulated to be sustainable and environmentally sound.

We also stock hats made from full grain cattle leather, which are the classic versatile outback hats. These hats build character the more you wear and will tell the same number of stories that you do. We have the Jacaru Wallaroo Oil Hat, that’s made from water resistant oiled full grain leather. These wide brim leather hats are perfect for the outdoors, to give you maximum UV protection. That’s one less thing to worry about when you’re on a big adventure.

When taking care of kangaroo and cattle leather, it is crucial to keep it out of harsh sunlight if you’re not wearing it. The sun causes the leather to dry out and the skin becomes less soft and supple. Let us know if you have any questions about sizing or our range of hats or drop in if you’d like to try one on. 

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  1. Australian Made
    Jacaru Kangaroo Hat Black
    AUD $97.50
  2. Australian Made
    Jacaru Kangaroo Hat Brown Jacaru Kangaroo Hat Brown
    AUD $97.50
  3. Australian Made
  4. Australian Made
  5. Australian Made
    Jacaru Wallaroo Oil Black Jacaru Wallaroo Oil Hat Black
    AUD $82.50
  6. Australian Made
    Jacaru Wallaroo Oil Hat Brown
    AUD $82.50
  7. Australian Made
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