Bisley has been part of the part of the landscape when it comes to work wear for a long time. The Aussie owned and operated company has been part of the industry for nearly sixty years. Bisley prides themselves on continuously producing work wear at the forefront of innovation, while maintaining old fashioned home grown values like quality construction, exceptional service and value fo money.

Bisley is now a market leader in work wear apparel and has been long considered as one of Australia’s most trusted, reliable and honest brands. Bisley are trusted to produce a quality range of work wear, safety apparel and protective wear for Australian working conditions, at a reasonable price.

These old fashioned values coupled with clothing innovations are two of the reasons why Bisley is one of Australia’s fastest growing work wear brands. David Gazal, Managing Director of Bisley Workwear, says “We value integrity, so we do what we say we’re going to do, on time and on budget.” In other words, Bisley’s business motto is “Get the job done”

Bisley puts their customers first. This mean continuously striving to use the latest in innovative clothing technologies that maintain the highest quality and compliance to keep their wearers safe and protected while at work. This has resulted in a diverse collection of work wear, safety wear and protective wear that continues to push the limits on comfort and style. Bisley’s latest ranges to hit the market are the work wear ranges X Airflow and Flex and Move. 

Bisley’s X-Airflow work wear includes a range of shirts, shorts and pants that feature new air flow  technology that provides cross ventilation at multiple heat stress areas throughout the garment to encourage airflow and keep the wearer cooler during long days working in the Australian heat.

The new Flex and Move range is growing rapidly in popularity. This is due to the extra comfort that comes from work wear that moves as you do, while still maintaining its strength and durability. Bisley achieves this by using extra strong cottons, and pairing them with state of the art materials such as kevlar knee pads, and Cordura reinforcing, which has a high resistance to tears and abrasions.

Most Bisley work wear fabrics include technologies to prioritise the safety of the wearer, such as industrial strengthening like reinforced stitching, barracks and riveting as well as anti static fibres which reduce the risk of electric shock to the body. Bisley measures ultra violet radiation from the sun on each item and give the garment a sun protection rating of between 15 and 50. The Bisley X Airflow range features an invisible microbial treatment which is a highly effective approach to long term control and protection against the growth of bacteria and fungus that cause body odour and clothing stains.

Bisley apparel offers consistent quality and performance that strives to exceed our customer’s expectations. Inspired by the Australian worker, their clothing provides the ultimate in style and safety, without compromising form and functionality. One thing is for sure, Bisley makes quality workwear for the big jobs.

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