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Long associated with the cow-folk of the world, the western hat is uniquely distinguishable from the Australian country style hats due to their wide brim, tilt at the front and the back, and sides curled upwards. We stock two brands of western styled hat, leather offerings from Gold Coast manufactured Jacaru, and long-time Australian favourite, Akubra.

In the 1950’s, Akubra won the licence to make all American staple brand Stetson hats, no doubt inspiring them to start producing western styles for Australian’s, who took to them like a duck to water. This is reflected in Akubra’s style names for hats such as the Kentucky Rancher, the ever-popular Rough Rider, the Golden Spur and the Bronco.

Akubra also created western styles inspired by Australian locations such as The Mansfield High Country and Stony Creek in Victoria. The Warrego is named after a river region of New South Wales, as is the Colly, which is the abbreviated name for the country town of Collarenabri. The Pilbara named after the scorched dessert region of Western Australia, and the Woombera hat inspired by the same-named South Australian town that is home to the Australian Defence Force Aerospace Base.

Western hats are made for Australia and Australians love them too. Western hats are a staple and essential item for rural men and women throughout the Australian outback. You would just need to go to the world-famous Tamworth Country Music festival to see how much Aussies love this hat. Speaking of country music, Aussie legend Lee Kernaghan created his own exclusive Akubra, calling it the Outback Club.

There are plenty of iconic Australians that have chosen a western style Akubra for their signature look. Probably the most internationally recognised Australian hat off all time, The Croc, was made famous by Crocodile Dundee, with its crocodile leather hat band with genuine croc teeth inserts. Even Aussie politician’s like Bob Katter wouldn’t be seen without his big white Arena, Cricketer Shane Warne donned the Stoney Creek in “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here”. There’s nothing that says “Aussie Outback” more than an Everything Australian Western style hat.

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