Jacaru Hats, an Australan icon. Founded in 1969 from humble beginnings, Gold Coast manufactured Jacaru hats are now sold in over 50 countries around the world. Their designs are created around everything they believe makes Australia unique, a land that is wild and untameable, strong and courageous!

Jacaru hats are made from a number of iconic Australian textiles, including Oilskin and high quality locally sourced leathers such as Cow, Buffalo and Kangaroo. The Australian environment produces hides that are superior in quality with very few defects and are soft as well as strong, maintaining durability while providing ultimate flexibility.

As a natural product, the scratches and scarring that can be found on your Jacaru hat naturally occur on genuine leather, making each hat as unique as its owner. Each hide is specially selected by expert Jacaru craftspeople, who look for suppleness, superior strength and weather resistance. Jacaru hats are made to withstand the tough weather conditions of this great scorched southern land.

Jacaru leather can remain looking stylish while enduring high stress wear, will resist abrasions and provide maximum sun protection. The hats are also endorsed by the skin and cancer foundation of Australia.

Jacaru hats fit the Australian look with classic Aussie western styles, made modern in fashion colours with features such as mesh panels for a cooler head and colourful removable scarves.

Jacaru craftspeople work hard to bring you only the best quality hats, and customers can have the satisfaction of knowing their hats will last them a lifetime.

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  1. Australian Made
    Jacaru Kangaroo Hat Black
    AUD $85.90
  2. Australian Made
    Jacaru Kangaroo Hat Brown Jacaru Kangaroo Hat Brown
    AUD $85.90
  3. Australian Made
  4. Australian Made
  5. Australian Made
    Jacaru Wallaroo Oil Black Jacaru Wallaroo Oil Hat Black
    AUD $72.90
  6. Australian Made
    Jacaru Wallaroo Oil Hat Brown
    AUD $72.90
  7. Australian Made
  8. Australian Made
  9. Sale
    Jacaru 5787 Coin Wallet Brown Jacaru 5787 Coin Wallet Brown
    Regular Price AUD $54.90 AUD $42.90
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  11. Australian Made
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