Hard Yakka

The Hard Yakka story begins in the 1930’s in a small house in Brunswick Australia. With a dream of providing quality clothing for the workers of Australia, the owners decided to call their brand ‘Yakka’ derived from the Aboriginal word for ‘work’, and just like that the brand was born. The Yakka brand has evolved over time and is known as Hard Yakka. It is recognised as the biggest work wear brand in the country and one of the largest clothing suppliers in Australia.

Quality: Hard Yakka is all about providing high quality workwear that’s built both tough and durable. They use only premium materials and have a rigorous production process, this way they are able to ensure that Hard Yakka products won’t let you down.

Range: Striving to meet the ever-changing demands of Australian workers, Hard Yakka have developed their range over the years to include clothing for both Men and Women. Hard Yakka now have an impressive list of products featured within their ranges: Legends, Extreme Legends, Foundations, Engineered, Koolgear and the newest edition 3056. In these ranges you will find pants, shorts, shirts, polos, jackets, vests and Hi Vis gear.

Technology: Hard Yakka embraces new technologies and innovation, leading the way with improvements in safety, fit and comfort. 

So when you need workwear to get a job done remember; Hard Yakka... Nothing’s tougher!

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