Top 5 Blundstone Lifestyle Boots

January 2, 2024
Top 5 Blundstone Lifestyle Boots


G'day I’m Jason from Everything Australian, and today we're going to dive into our top five Blundstone Lifestyle Boots.


First up, we have the 1911 Tobacco Suede. These boots feature a tobacco-colour suede upper, giving them a durable exterior. Scuffs and scratches are hardly visible on this one. It's particularly popular as a work boot due to its tough nature and appealing colour.


Moving right along, we have the 1609 Antique Brown. It shares a similar colour to the Tobacco version but has a unique look and feel due to the oil additive added to the leather during the spinning process. It has a softer feel and that antique brown look.


Next, we've got the 585 Rustic Brown. This was one of the first boots introduced when Blundstone launched their lifestyle range, and it quickly became a crowd favourite and it often sells out! The colour almost resembles that worn-in look that old leather boots can develop over years, and because it’s a nubuck leather, it has a soft peachy finish.


Now, check out the 1910 Steel Grey. It's the perfect blend of colours, falling somewhere between grey, blue, and black. Personally, I'm a big fan of this colourway, and the suede variety feels just as durable as the 1911. The rough texture makes for hearty leather that can withstand anything.


Last but not least, we have the 1671 Black. This one is our best-selling Blundstone boot in the women's heel range. It has a classic polished finish in a timeless black colour. The sole is a bit different, with a thinner profile at the front and a 5cm cuban heel.


Now, here's a quick tip for maintaining your suede or nubuck Blundstone boots. I recommend applying the Blundstone suede protector spray to the leather before wearing them. It will help keep them in top-notch condition. However, for the 1671 Black boots, I suggest using the Blundstone black polish to keep the leather hydrated, protected, and maintain that classic polished look. And if you want an extra layer of comfort, consider adding the Blundstone Comfort Air Innersoles. Trust me, your feet will thank you.


And there you have it—the top five Blundstone Lifestyle Boots! Whether you're looking for a sturdy boot that can take a bit of a beating or a stylish everyday option, Blundstone has you covered. Remember, don't forget to protect your boots for years of reliable use. Until next time, happy boot shopping!