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Every Australian knows the value of a good pair of boots. Whether you are working in the garden or on the farm, or traversing the rugged landscape of this beautiful land, we have a boot to suit your needs from a range of much loved Aussie brands. 

The classic elastic sided work boot has been part of Australian culture since the 1800’s due to its durability and practicality, and almost every true blue boot brand have made their own version. From the reliable comfort of Redback, Rossi and Mongrel to the iconic and globally popular Blundstone 500, selling around two million pairs a year worldwide. Even high fashion has its own version of the Australian work boot in the form of the coveted R.M. Williams Craftsman. 

Traditionally a riding boot, the transition of the Adelaide made R.M. Williams Craftsman from the paddock to the catwalk has been the most likely influence establishing the elastic sided boot as an Australian staple dress boot. Brands such as Harold Boots, Mongrel and Rossi all have their own dress version of the riding boot, and this year Blundstone have also stepped up to the plate with their own range of fine dress boots for Men and Women.

If you are looking for a boot that will go the distance all day at work with significant reduction in foot and ankle pain you can’t go past the legendary comfort of the Aussie made Redback boot. The UBOK is by far the most popular style, however all Redback’s are made with the same air injected sole, meaning you receive the same level of comfort right across the range, from the easy access elastic sided boots to the lace up hiking boots. Similar to Redback, we have recently started stocking Sydney manufactured Mongrel boots due to so many requests from our customers. This work boot brand has a cult following due to their unique sole innovations that ensure all day comfort at work. 

Another Australian made elastic sided boot with a loyal following is Rossi boots, who make a wide range of work boots, the most popular being the rugged Endura range. Rossi have numerous classics that have been Australian staples since the fifties, such as the rock and roll style ripple desert boot and the beloved Mulga hiking boot. Rossi have recently added many dress styles to their range such as the Barossa, in finishes such as fashionable brushed suede. 

If durability and old fashioned bookmaking is your cup of tea try a pair of goodyear welted dress boots from the Harold boots range. These traditionally constructed boots are stitched and screwed at the sole for the ultimate in quality, rivalled only by the R.M. Williams Craftsman. We stock a wide range of Craftsman's, both in store and by special order. The most popular of the range is the Comfort Craftsman which features a durable rubber sole and extra comfort insole. These in demand boots are a worthwhile investment in any Australians wardrobe, as the quality craftsmanship ensures these boots last for years, maintaining their good looks.

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