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Redback Boots are 100% Australian made & owned. Footwear inspired by the Australian outback, featuring premium full grain leather and offering unmatched comfort.

Operated by the Cloros family, 4th Generation boot makers who work hands-on in the factory every day. Their involvement means they personally ensure the highest standards of production quality. Redback means vision. Back in the 1990s the Australian Government removed Tariff barriers that protected Boot makers in Australia. As a result a lot of bootmakers moved manufacturing overseas, where costs are lower. Redback decided to stick with manufacturing in Australia, believing there was still a demand for Australian handmade quality boots.

Redback started making boots for specific high demand industries: Firefighters, Police, Paramedics, Smelter, Steel makers and the Defence Force. The common requirement was getting boots engineered that meet the rigorous demands of these industries. Today Redback have evolved and have widened their range to include General Purpose Industrial, Hiking, Hospitality and Casual Footwear.

The brand is growing rapidly, Redback are now one of the largest footwear manufacturers in Australia, with thier reputation for innovation being world renowned. Although experiencing significant growth, Redback’s vision of providing quality Australian Made boots is still the same today. 

Fit/Size: Generous EEE fit. Sizes are in Australian/UK Men’s sizes. Depending on the style the sizes go from size 2-15. Please note, Redback half sizes are just wider and not longer.

Sole: Redback use a TPU Sole. They don’t use stitching, screws or glue to attach the boot to the sole. These materials listed breakdown over time. Redback boots use a moulten /liquid sole material, formed directly onto the leather fibres under pressure. This manufacturing method results in a more premium product, as the sole actually becomes part of the upper. This method reduces the chance of sole coming apart from the leather.

Oil, Acid & Heat Resistance: The TPU sole found in Redback Boots have excellent oil & acid resistance. The soles are heat resistant to 200C.

Maintenance of Leather: The leather has oils that need to be replenished during the life of the boots. We recommend a boot wax or dubbin.

Linings: All Redback Boots except for the ‘Everest UEPU’ hiking boot, have no lining. Redback believes synthetic & leather linings attached to the leather upper can reduce the breathability in boots. Redback uses high quality thick leather that allows your feet to breath, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

All Redback Boots are made in Australia

Please Note: Redback Boots can only be sold inside Australia

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  3. Elastic Sided Elastic Sided
  4. Lace-Up Lace-Up
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  1. Australian Made
    Redback Work Boot - UBOK Dark Brown Redback Work Boot UBOK Dark Brown
    Regular Price AUD $129.90 AUD $119.50
    Available in 3 colours
  2. Australian Made
  3. Australian Made
  4. Australian Made
    Redback Work Boot Lace Up - UACH Crazy Horse Redback Boot Alpine UACH Crazy Horse
    AUD $159.90
  5. Australian Made
    Redback Safety Boot Steel Toe - USBOK Dark Brown Redback Safety Boot Bobcat USBOK Claret
    Regular Price AUD $139.90 AUD $129.50
    Available in 3 colours
  6. Australian Made
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