Statesman Hats

Born in 1972 in the scorching outback of Western Australia, Statesman Hats is born and bred Australian. For 20 odd years they designed and made top quality hats before being bought by Mountcastle, a Brisbane based company which was established in 1835. With all the experience brought to the table by the merger, it’s no surprise that Statesman Hats has gone from strength to strength, priding themselves on making top quality hats designed to endure the harsh conditions on the Australian Outback. 


Made from Australia wool and Eastern European furs, each Statesman hat is made with three principles in mind, comfort, affordability, and durability. This means that when you buy Statesman Hats you know you are getting a long lasting, premium quality, comfortable hat which was carefully handcrafted. This way, Statesman Hats can back their claim to embody the authentic and diverse outback spirit. Designed to withstand any weather thrown at you, these hats will keep on protecting you through rain, hail, or shine. Needless to say, Statesman Hats also manage to keep looking good long into their life.


Using a range of styles such as the classical country hat or the more outgoing western style, Statesman Hats can be found in the outback or in the city, making sure that there is a hat for everyone.


Next time you’re looking for a comfortable and durable hat without wanting to break the bank, have a look at Statesman Hats, the genuine quality won't disappoint.

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    Statesman Countryman Fur Felt Hat Dark Navy
    Regular Price AUD $149.00 AUD $119.00
    Available in 3 colours
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    Statesman Countryman Fur Felt Hat Sand
    Regular Price AUD $149.00 AUD $119.00
    Available in 3 colours
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    Statesman Countryman Fur Felt Hat Silver Belly
    Regular Price AUD $149.00 AUD $119.00
    Available in 3 colours
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