Hard Yakka Y07720 Koolgear Ventilated LS Shirt Khaki

Hard Yakka Y07720 Koolgear Ventilated LS Shirt Khaki

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Hard Yakka Y07720 Koolgear Ventilated LS Shirt Khaki. This is a smart shirt in all the ways -- smart to look at, and got a lotta smart thinking in it. It’s part of Hard Yakka’s Koolgear range so it features hidden ventilation points to keep air moving around the body, keeping you cool in both body and mind. The chest pockets are perfect to keep your work gear organised, and there’s even a partition for your pen. The sleeves even feature buttons to secure rolled-up sleeves. All in the classic khaki with a long slim silhouette means you’ll look the part both off site and on.

  • 100% cotton 145 gsm twill feels great on the body and washes up well
  • Chest pockets and a pen partition will mean you’ve always got everything you need on hand
  • Hard Yakka’s Koolgear technology ventilates the shirt in the three high heat areas -- the underarm, side body and back body affording you the ultimate in comfort and cooling
  • The vents sport 100% polyester mesh with a microbial finish so you’ll never raise a stink


Material: Cotton Twill; Weight 145gsm And polyester mesh in ventilation panels

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