September 28, 2022

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with a new Australian brand Ranger Outdoor, available both online and in-store.


Above: The Ash Work Shirt in Rust and The Noel Cap in Olive Right: The Brett Work Shorts in Khaki 

Ranger Outdoor was founded in 2019 by Jess and Bryce from Bellbrae, located just off the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. Jess and Bryce were drafting cattle and discussing sustainability within the workwear and farmwear industries. Bryce and Jess noticed a gap in the market, they found it hard to source quality, sustainable work and farmwear that was durable, affordable and looked great. This had them thinking, Jess (an ex-surf industry employee) put down the boards and picked up the tools with Bryce (a builder of 15+ years) and they spent 6 months together on worksites, researching and developing Ranger over a few smokos.

The Steve Workshirt in Black (Available in Midweight & Heavyweight)

The entire ‘range‘ of Ranger Outdoor is made from quality organic cotton and goes through a chemical free production process which uses a lot less water, has less carbon emissions and the cotton crops are not treated with any pesticides or insecticides. They also opt out of using swing tags to reduce the amount of paper and plastic use.


Left: The Lenny Kids Work Shirt in Mustard Right: The Lenny Kids Work Shirt in Blue


The minimal and rugged design of the Ranger Outdoor line is built to withstand the harsh Australian elements while still being suitable and comfortable for everyday wear. With colours that are inspired by the Surf Coast in Victoria, prepare to look good whether you’re out on site, or back home on the farm, Ranger is for ‘The Outdoor People’. 


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