The Best Workwear Brands in Australia for 2024

February 20, 2024
The Best Workwear Brands in Australia for 2024

If you're an electrician, plumber, construction worker or any kind of tradie, spending a bit more on your workwear is always a wise move. Working in challenging conditions and facing a high risk of injury means functional and protective gear is essential for your safety and comfort.


Beyond the practicalities, workwear also plays a significant role in your professional image. Many tradies regularly interact with clients, so being dressed in professional and presentable clothing is a must.


At Everything Australian, we've been looking after tradies for years, making us your go-to experts in finding which brands are worth your hard-earned dollars. So, to help you make an informed decision, we've compiled a list of the best workwear brands in Australia for 2024.


(Note: All these brands offer workwear for both men and women, covering various budgets to ensure there's something for everyone.)


Anthem Workwear

Established in 2020, Anthem Workwear swiftly earned its reputation as one of the best tradie workwear brands in Australia. The company is known for its active-oriented workwear made from lightweight fabrics and a distinct design that breaks free from traditional workwear aesthetics.


Anthem's workwear incorporates features like moisture-wicking technology and elastic waistbands to keep you comfortable throughout long and demanding workdays. Their most popular lines are Triumph and Victory, featuring work shorts and pants for men and women.


Anthem Triumph Pants have a modern design and come in versatile colours like black, khaki and navy, making them perfect for work, the gym, or even a casual day out when paired with trendy kicks. Made from 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex Ripstop, these work pants are lightweight, prevent ripping and ideal for anything your job throws at you. 


If you're a bloke who likes to switch from work to play with ease, the Victory shorts are ideal for you. They have an elastic waistband for the perfect fit and are made using durable cotton (97%) but also feature practical stretch breathable panels in the crotch for movement and comfort.


Another best-seller in Anthem's range of men's workwear is the taped Hi-Vis Tech hoodie available in safety-compliant yellow and orange and featuring reflective tape. It's the perfect example of the brand's ability to design pieces that are functional and fashionable at the same time. Made from 280 GSM polyester fleece, this hoodie ensures comfort for worksites.


Anthem Workwear


Hard Yakka

Named after the Aboriginal word for “work,” Hard Yakka is a brand that many Aussies know and love. From its humble beginnings as a small clothing company in Brunswick, Victoria, it has grown to become a household name, dominating the workwear market for the last 30 years.


This is the result of the brand's commitment to using quality fabrics instead of cheap materials that don’t last. Hard Yakka's workwear collection features breathable, highly durable cotton, fleece, cotton twill, and other premium fabrics that are expertly woven and designed for maximum comfort and durability.


When it comes to designs and practicality, in Hard Yakka's range, there's something for everyone's needs and style. For the traditional tradies, there's the Legends range of classic men's and women's designs. Made using durable cotton Panama weave with silicone wash, the Legends Work Pants are tough and comfortable - everything you can expect from the brand's bestselling line of clothes.


For those of you looking for the latest and greatest in workwear, there's the Raptor range. This line features Raptor Active Pants and Raptor Active Shorts loaded with features such as versatile pocket systems and tool storage, triple-needle stitching and an Active Fit waistband for improved comfort and fit. The pants are made from the perfect blend of cotton and polyester and utilise Ripstop fabrics. There's also additional reinforcement on abrasion zones. making them extremely durable.


When it comes to workwear brands making functional and appealing winter clothing, Hard Yakka consistently tops the list. From sherpa jackets that will keep you snug as a bug to thick flannel shirts for staying warm in style, the brand's winter line is perfect for working in frosty conditions or pursuing outdoor adventures.


Hard Yakka



Considered one of the best workwear brands of today, KingGee is an integral part of Australian history, having supplied uniforms to the defence services during the Depression and the Second World War. 


Over the years, KingGee has pushed the boundaries of work apparel with cutting-edge designs. The brand's extensive range includes work pants, shorts, shirts, jumpers, and jackets, catering to both men and women. Customers often find that their KingGee clothes last for years, proving that there’s truth behind the brand’s slogan, “If They Were Any Tougher, They’d Rust”. 


Here at Everything Australian, we have seen the KingGee quality in action. The most popular collections, Workcool and Tradies Utility, are perfect examples of the brand's commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of the workforce.


The Workcool 2 Short Sleeve Shirt is the go-to work shirt when the temperatures start rising. It's made with premium cotton and has ventilation in the upper back, side and underarms to keep you cool and dry. Pair it with the right hat, and you'll get through the scorching summer without much sweat. The Workcool Pro Shorts are a best seller, they perfectly balance durable materials and a comfortable fit.




Bisley Workwear

Bisley is another iconic Aussie workwear brand with a long history. For over 60 years, the brand has been perfecting its product range, earning its reputation as one of Australia's most trusted workwear manufacturers.


Bisley has been traditionally regarded as the best brand for budget-friendly workwear. While still providing affordable products, over the last 15 years, the brand has also expanded into producing premium quality workwear. Today, Bisley offers products at all price points.


Its two standout ranges are, X Airflow and Flex and Move. The X Airflow pieces, like the Bisley BS1414 X Airflow Ripstop Shirt feature innovative airflow technology to encourage cross ventilation, keeping workers cool in hot temperatures.


The Flex and Move range focuses on extra comfort, incorporating extra-strong cotton fabrics and state-of-the-art features like Kevlar knee pads and Condura reinforcing. A popular product in this range and also one of our best-selling work pants are the Bisley BPC6130 Flex & Move Stretch Pants.


Safety is a top priority for Bisley, with most workwear fabrics featuring industrial strengthening elements like reinforced stitching and riveting, and some include anti-static fibres that reduce the risk of electric shock. Each Bisley garment undergoes UV radiation testing, receiving a sun protection rating between 15 and 50.


Bisley Workwear


SÜK Workwear

Completing our list of the best Australian workwear brands, there's SÜK Workwear, the company that's been making waves when it comes to female-focused work clothes. Designed by women, the range features pieces for all shapes and sizes, proving that women's workwear can be both functional AND flattering.


The innovative SÜK collection includes chic and protective overalls, body-hugging boiler suits, bum-fitting pants, comfy high-waisted shorts, and modern tops. All these pieces are designed to be as suitable for the streets as for heavy-duty feats. Just take a stroll down Melbourne's northern suburbs, and you'll spot Gen Y's and Z's decked out in SÜK.


Besides the fashionable design, the fabric of a SÜK garment is another thing that stands out; it's surprisingly soft and prewashed to prevent shrinkage. Made of 100% Fairtrade cotton, SÜK workwear is built to last and develops character over time. Every step of the garment manufacturing process, from fabric sourcing to factory production, adheres to the highest ethical standards.


As part of its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, SÜK offers a broader selection of sizes than most fast-fashion labels with sizes from 4 to 30. While the primary focus is on supporting working women, all SÜK pieces have a timeless unisex design appealing to all genders.


Just take a look at the SUK Plain Pants in black and you'll see what we mean. Featuring convenient waist adjusters and a slim “but not skinny” cut leg, these pants look great on all bodies, embodying the brand's commitment to both style and functionality.


SUK Workwear